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Remembering Hydroponics
Arachnid / ROBOCOP
#1 Posted : Saturday, February 13, 2016 6:26:08 AM(UTC)

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Hydroponics in MW3 (CIS)

I was looking over some planet reports posted here and saw Hydroponics and it brought back some memories. Thought I'd post them since Hydro has fallen by the wayside and nothing is posted about it. Maybe this post will spark interest for inclusion in future versions.

Hydroponics: a means of producing food without soil.

Background on why I started using Hydroponics:
Back in the early days, space was filled with vicious well-coordinated enemies. If you managed to get into space and establish a base, you were one of the lucky ones. But not for long. They constantly scouted and seeing a ship duck out of warp, they would scout that whole area until they found the base(s) and destroy them.

So, the situtation required desperate measures. Having no success in the game, I kept coming back to the MW3 manual searching for clues. It occurred to me that these guys were mostly doing quick searches of planets with over 50 hab / 50 met. In the manual, Hydroponics was mentioned as a means to increase Effective Habitation. That led to an idea... establishing on "rocks" using Hydroponics to compensate for low hab and low met problems, which would help me stay "under the radar" so-to-speak.

" Effective Habitability is defined as the ratio of population (with troops counting half) to available housing. The initial base will be established with an Effective Habitability of 80, and it normally will be maintained at a level above 75 if adequate resources are devoted to construction." Excerpt from MW3 Manual

"The effectiveness of agriculture is governed by the Effective Habitability of the base (see previous section). In severe cases Hydroponics must be used to grow food artificially. Hydroponics is required whenever the Effective Habitability falls below 70. Should this happen, and Hydroponics capacity is insufficient to meet planetary food demands, top priority will be given to building more Hydroponics capacity; some starvation will take place in the interim." Excerpt from MW3 Manual

So, to increase Hydroponics (which starts at zero), I caused Effective Habitability to fall (slightly) below 70. I seem to recall that on low met low hab planets that some Hydro would begin growing automatically until EH would reach 70, but I would push this by frequently causing EH to fall slightly below 70. Having to be careful because growing Hydro ate metals quickly and the threat of riots loomed (note the part about "some starvation will take place in the interim")

So Hydro had to be increased incrementally. It helped to store up some food stocks prior to increasing it. I had to tun the planet channel (screamer) to zero because anytime the population is starving (or having any other problems like high unemployment) they tended to broadcast their troubles. "The Planet Government of 599.b reports population starving" or something like that. Escalating to "rioting messages".

Net result:
By straining the planet to produce larger and larger Hydroponic capacity, eventually I was able to get decent population growth.

Hydroponics helped in two ways (a) it produced food more effectively than Farmers, so Farming could eventually be 100% replaced. Farming settings on low hab planets had to be much much higher, so Hydro meant more workers in BI and Construction, and (b) the food produced could be sold as metals, helping reduce need for workers in Ore refining and mining - again helping put more workers into BI and CON.

Was it as good as owning a 99h? No. But it was a good technique for turning very undesirable bases into something useful.

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